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Welcome to Timeless Tanjore, a world where you’ll always discover something that will inspire and delight you.

Timeless Tanjore is a journey of discovery-a celebration of artistry, originality, and the incredible harmony of the different cultural treasures all around us. We are inspired by craftsmanship, the unique touch of an artisan’s hand. We’re fascinated by the surprising, unexpected nuances that tell a story, the details that transform a “perfect” piece into a collectible.

Our mission is to inspire you to discover the beauty and elegance of Tanjore’s traditional art. Our mission is to provide a platform for hundreds of artisans dedicated to this craft and whose delicately handcrafted pieces will be treasured.

Based in Bangalore India, we offer a wide range of Tanjore Paintings, delicately handcrafted with intricate details. We offer Tanjore paintings in a variety of sizes and adorned in classic Chettinad frames! We also offer custom made Tanjore Paintings suited to your requirements. Check out our gallery to look at some of our paintings.

Check out our Timeless Tanjore Blog for tutorials, tips, tricks on how to make Tanjore Paintings, limited time promotions, and everything to do with Tanjore paintings!

I’m so thrilled that you’ve come to Timeless Tanjore. I hope we inspire you on your own personal journey.

Warm regards,
Susheela J
Founder at Timeless Tanjore